Winter Florida 2020/21 | WIN RV Singles Travel Club

November 2, 2020 to March 29, 2021

Circuit: Past Events


Arlene Teague at 828 443-0279

Activity Ideas

This circuit will start in Pensacola, FL early in November and will continue down the Gulf Coast side of Florida. After spending Christmas and New Year’s Eve near Punta Gorda, the circuit will continue around the tip of Florida and up the central area and east coast of Florida. Activities will include hiking, biking, kayaking and of course sightseeing.

The number of participants will need to be limited to 12 due to the size of the locations. It is strongly recommended that you have an Elks and Moose membership as some of the lodges require membership to stay there. There are a few places that require reservations and they are noted. They will need to be made as soon as you confirm with the circuit leader availability to join.

A circuit leader has not yet been identified. Until one is named, please call Arlene Teague at 828 443-0279 to indicate your interest in the circuit.