Western Winter Circuit 2020/21 | WIN RV Singles Travel Club

October 28, 2020 to November 5, 2020

Circuit: Western Winter Circuit 2020/21

Activity Ideas

Circuit Leader – Needed

Contact Adrienne Leibowitz at 805-458-2206 or adriennelulu@gmail.com to volunteer to lead this circuit or to host a stop.

The 2020/21Western Winter Circuit begins with the WIN All Singles Gathering at the Fountain of Youth (FOY) Spa and RV Resort in Niland, CA. The circuit will include our annual visits to Borrego Springs for Thanksgiving, Yuma for the Holidays and Quartzsite for the Big Tent RV Show in the last half of January. Other gathering stops can be added or changed based on feedback provided from WIN members. Hosts are needed for the gatherings, please email or call Adrienne Leibowitz to provide any feedback and to indicate where you would like to host.

The Winter circuit goes through and around Arizonia, parts of California and finishes in Panguitch Utah on May 11th. Please note that stops may change, cancel or be added due to the uncertainties with Covid. Some of the places may close and others may open up. Some we don’t have information on yet. For instance, the Gila Bend Elks is not open but they may let us park there. If not, the stop at Why can be extended. Many of the Elks that are listed have said OK to parking even if they are closed, while some are open and look forward to us getting there. Unfortunately some may close. All we know for sure is that things will change, but we are WINs and we can all handle that.

Reminder, individuals need to make their own reservations at the Havasu Elks 60 days prior if you want hook ups, ($30 nite) February 5th – 11th

Contact information for Adrienne is adriennnelulu@gmail.com or by phone/text 805-458-2206.