» McCloud, CA

September 16, 2019 to September 19, 2019

Circuit: Past Events


Amy Marshall 775 537-5511; co-host Kathy Bartkowski 602 501-7004

Activity Ideas

Kayaking, hiking, living memorial sculpture garden, Mount Shasta

Parking Location

Ski Park Highway (NF), boondocking area.

Directions and Other Information

No facilities. Free. 4 mi west of town on SR-89, turn north on Ski Park Hwy (paved rd for winter access to ski area. 1.5 mi ahead is a large parking area for the Mt. Shasta Nordic Center. This spot is level, and there is room for 6+ rigs. There is also a large level gravel storage area 2 miles in on the left. Good sun, open sky. Excellent Verizon. Frequent bear encounters. Great views of Mt. Shasta and the rolling blue hills in the other direction. Very quiet. Elev 5000′.

GPS Coordinates

41.26902, -122.21494Click on link to see Google MapĀ