Waltz Across Texas And Blues Trails | WIN RV Singles Travel Club

January 30, 2022 to April 18, 2022

Circuit: 2022 Waltz Across Texas And Blues Trails

Activity Ideas

Circuit Leader – Minnie Bedrick, 940-231-3169, minniebedrick@gmail.com
This circuit will be limited to 20 rigs due to limited parking in many of the places. If you are interested in joining this circuit, contact Minnie to put your name on the list. If there are more people that want to travel on this circuit, a second group can follow a week behind, subject to having a volunteer to lead it.
The circuit will begin in Tucson, AZ and end in Robinsonville, MS. It will proceed to Wilcox, AZ, across New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, and into Mississippi. Some of the highlights will be the Chiricahua National Monument, City of Rocks in Deming, Las Cruces, White Sands Missile Range, Caverns of Sonora, Luckenbach, San Antonio River Walk, Natchez Trace Parkway and the Blues Trail. There will be opportunities to hike, bike, and explore many museums along the way.
Please note this circuit will continue to be under construction as things are constantly changing. Places that are closed now are trying to open up but things can always change. It will also be limited in size to the number of rigs approximately 20 max. Depending on the parking. If you have interest in this circuit, please contact Minnie Bedrick, minniebedrick@gmail.com, for additional information or to put yourself on the list to go.