SAVANNAH, GA | WIN RV Singles Travel Club

March 22, 2022 to March 28, 2022
Activity Ideas

Take either a trolley tour or free walking tour of the historical downtown area. Eat lunch at the several restaurants in the downtown area such as Mrs. Wileys. Spend the day on the beach at Tybee Island and climb the steps to the top of the lighthouse. Tour Fort Pulaski National Monument and Bonaventure Cemetery. Kayaking and bike trails are also available.

Parking Location

The WINs previously used a private residence of Susan Hutton in Pembroke, Ga. at 12 Eli Rd, Pembroke GA. Host or circuit leader to contact Susan to verify. This is a private residence, so you may not go early or stay later. Alternate if needed: Kellers Flea Market – open Saturdays and Sundays, 912-927-4848. They have RV parking and showers for the vendors that travel there. They may allow parking during the week. 5901 Ogeechee Rd. Savannah GA.31419. Donation? Dump and water and maybe some electrical hookups. Circuit leader must call first

Directions and Other Information

At this point the WINs will be staying at 12 Eli Rd., Pembrooke, GA.

GPS Coordinates

N32.17773,W81.61347Click on link to see Google Map