» North to Alaska

Circuit Leader

Joanne Hansen, (970) 376-3012

Lyn Alweis (303)809-0324

 BEFORE YOU GO– Due to weather and road conditions the circuit may not be followed exactly.  Anyone interested in joining should contact either JoAnne Hansen at (970)376-3012 or Lyn Alweis at (303)809-0324. Reservations are advisable, and often required, at the Provincial Parks and other locations on this circuit.  Please carefully review the itinerary and make your own reservations. Canada is a different country and you will need a passport to cross the border.  If you have animals check to see what requirements there are to bring them across the border.  While in Canada make sure you know where you can get fuel, and know that it is very expensive and sold by the liter.  Since Canada has its own currency you may have to pay cash in campgrounds and gas stations.  They rarely take American credit cards, and if you use one make sure it does not have a foreign transaction fee.  Canada has its own currency.  Make sure your phone plan includes Canada, some do not and some charge extra.