North – Northwest 2021 | WIN RV Singles Travel Club

Circuit Leader – Adrienne Leibowitz – 805-458-2206,

We have a new policy for Circuit Leaders. We are going to pay the Circuit Leaders $5 a stop/week or a max of $20 a month from each person on the stop, whether it is for 3 days or 10 days. One host will not pay for that stop. You can pay by cash, check or Venmo. 

This circuit will tie in with the Western Winter circuit which ends on May 11, 2021 in Kanab, Utah. It will work its way north through Utah, Western Wyoming, up through Montana, over through the top of Idaho, Northern Cascades of Washington and then working its way down the coasts of Washington and Oregon. It will include the following National Parks: Zion, Bryce, Escalante, Capital Reef, Canyonlands, Arches, Tetons, Yellowstone, Glacier, Northern Cascades and the Olympia Peninsula just to name a few of the highlights. There will be lots of hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing and exploring all these famous National Parks. 

There will be 2 additional circuits that will tie in with this one. One will continue down the coast into the California Redwoods down through the Central Coast of California, eventually working its way to FOY in time for the Annual WIN Dance Rally. The other one will head inland to Crater Lake and eventually working its way down Hwy 395 in California ending at FOY the end of October.

We don’t know how many places will close down or not re-open due the spread of Covid. We do our best find places to park but as of the writing of this, many are telling us to check back closer to the time we will be there. We will all need to be flexible in this changing time.

Note some of these dates and places may change as we go along. We will do our best not to change the places that need reservations.