NEWPORT, NC | WIN RV Singles Travel Club

April 18, 2022 to April 21, 2022
Activity Ideas

Visit New Bern where the British Governor Tryon lived in the 1770s and where Pepsi Cola was invented in 1898. Drive to Beaufort walk and/or sail the Bogue Sound and visit the NC Maritime Museum. Tour Ft. Macon, one of many old forts along the Atlantic Ocean dating back to 1794. Explore the Cedar Point Tideland Trail in the NF and enjoy the beaches and restaurants on nearby islands.

Parking Location

Moose Lodge, 456 Roberts Road, NEWPORT, NC, 26570, $10 a night for dry camping

Directions and Other Information

Follow the address or GPS

GPS Coordinates

N34.777100,W76.875130Click on link to see Google Map