NATHROP, CO | WIN RV Singles Travel Club

June 27, 2022 to July 6, 2022

Circuit: 2022 Best of Arizona, Utah, and Colorado plus Wyoming

Activity Ideas

Hiking, fishing. Hot springs and rafting (with outfitters) nearby. Community pool with hot springs and showers in Salida, along with a river walk and cute shops. Tubing in Salida. Celebrate July 4th with a pot luck.

Parking Location

Dispersed dry camping in the pines about 7 miles south of Buena Vista. NOTE: Not be enough space so there are 2 alternatives.

Directions and Other Information

Main location: Ten miles south of Buena Vista turn right on CR270 (the turn is 8 tenths of a mile after you go under an overhead pipe line). West on County Rd 270, drive several miles to County Rd 272 and go straight on hard-pack sand road to National Forest. Area called Raspberry Gulch. Water at Buena Vista Water Dept. and info center. Dump at private campgrounds. Verizon and internet are good here.
Alternate 1: Raspberry Gulch Dispersed Camping camp pin N38.7047182,W106.1596076. The camp is 4.7 miles from the turn. Go straight – do not make any more turns. If you continue straight, CR270 becomes CR272 and then becomes CR274 then becomes CR 274a 3 miles past main location.
Alternate 2: N38.64043,W106.07822 4 miles south of main location. Close to the paved road but lots of potholes and ruts. Not many level sites.

GPS Coordinates

N38.69419,W106.14277Click on link to see Google MapĀ