» Lassen Volcanic National Park, CA

September 19, 2019 to September 21, 2019

Circuit: Past Events


Pam Haberoth 817 999-6514 and co-host Kathy Bartkowski 602 501-7004

Activity Ideas

Visit Lassen Volcanic National Park for hiking, Ranger-led programs, kayaking, swimming.

Parking Location

Old Station: Bogard Trailhead Sno-Park (NF).

Directions and Other Information

There are 22 paved level 70′ spaces with a pit toilet. There are facilities at the adjacent Recreation Area only a 100′ walk. The campground is located approximately 23 miles East of Old Station on SR-44 and approximately 29 miles West of Susanville. Head South at the turnoff to Bogard Recreation Area at MM 15, and proceed a short distance. The first right goes into the recreation area, the second right goes into the Sno-Park.

GPS Coordinates

40.58487 -121.08974Click on link to see Google MapĀ