KEMMERER, WY | WIN RV Singles Travel Club

June 11, 2023 to June 14, 2023
Activity Ideas

Visit the Fossil Butte National Monument for hiking and ranger led geology talks, take the Pilot Butte Wild Horse Scenic Loop drive, visit the Natural History Museum or the City of Rock Springs Museum, take a drive to see the White Mountain Petroglyphs and on your way you will see the Boars Tusk, and visit Adobe Town to see strange rock formations. Plan a pot luck or Burn own.

Parking Location

Fontenelle Creek Recreation Area, $7 a night, $3.50 with senior pass, water, dump station, garbage. The lower loop has larger spaces than the upper loop. Covered tables and fire pits.

Directions and Other Information

There is a public swimming pool at the Rock Springs Family Recreation Center.

GPS Coordinates

N42.077686,W110.154307Click on link to see Google Map


Maynard Magee, 303-522-7661,