December 7, 2020 to December 16, 2020

Circuit: Past Events


Joanne Jones (248) 765-1411; co-host Judy Carren (480) 815-7665

Activity Ideas

Jojoba is normally a very active RV park with a full roster of activities, but this year with Covid concerns all social activities have been cancelled. We have use of the clubhouse, but that is all. There is hiking, wineries, Old Town Temecula as well as San Diego to visit in the area. The grounds are very pretty and lovely to walk around.

Parking Location

Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, 45120 Hwy 79, Aguanga, CA 92536-9706

Directions and Other Information

If you want to attend, please call the host to sign up. There are a limited number of spots; 24 in total, 3 that have hookups and the remaining are dry camping. $7.50 for dry camping and $35 for hookups. Please keep the host informed if you change your mind, due to the limited number of spots.
Please note this is writing for approval from the Board of Directors

GPS Coordinates

N33.447071 W116.873316Click on link to see Google Map