HOLTVILLE, CA | WIN RV Singles Travel Club

December 12, 2022 to December 19, 2022
Activity Ideas

Hot Springs North LTVA entrance, soaking pools, scenic pond, trash barrels. Los Algodones is only 40 miles away.

Parking Location

Long Term Visitor Area (LTVA) ($40 fee for 2 weeks) There is a north and south area parking area. Host should verify that the area is open and there is room for the group. The GPS is for the North area. Both areas require a permit – $40 for 2 weeks.

Directions and Other Information

Long Term Visitor Area Parking $40 for 2 weeks. From I-8 take exit 131 (Vanderlinden Rd), go N, after crossing under I-8, turn right on Evan Hewes Hwy. In about a mile you will cross over the Highline Canal. The Long-term Visitor Area, look for it on the left shortly after crossing the canal. GPS Coordinates are to the Long-term Visitor Area

GPS Coordinates

N32.768612,W115.269856Click on link to see Google Map