November 10, 2022 to January 6, 2023
Activity Ideas

Something new! We are going to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico for the holidays this year. Our Thanksgiving in Puerto Peñasco was so successful, we decided to do it again and to extend it. We will be staying through New Years at our favorite place, Concha Del Mar Campground. It will be a great time to relax and enjoy seaside fun and views. And, if you want to stay busy, there are lots of activities including shopping, walking on the beach, karaoke, kayaking, sightseeing, fishing, kite flying, whale and dolphin watching plus the GREAT PIRATE SHIP where we have a lot of dancing, games and fun. Hopefully, we will also have our famous Annual Puerto Peñasco Hermit Crab Races along with a hat contest and parade for both the men and the women.
We will also be raising money to buy food to feed the poor in Puerto Peñasco. Since this comes close to the Christmas Holidays, if you want to bring down extra clothes, food, toys, etc., to donate to the various groups that are in need, please do so. Edgar will help distribute to those in need.
Being there for Thanksgiving, what recipes can we come up with? Be creative. Remember that shrimp and fish are plentiful there and fairly inexpensive. We can also get chicken there… but turkeys??? Tamales are wonderful, and I am sure some people could bring down a turkey breast or leg to cook or barbecue. Get creative and plan a little in advance. There is also a good possibility that we will have pig roast around the Christmas. There are tons of places to go out to eat with a variety of great food and reasonable prices.
Please note, you will need to be a WIN member by the stop in Organ Pipe to get our rate.

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