WIN Events | WIN RV Singles Travel Club

Singles, come by and join us for one of our events to see who we are and what we do.

The following categories are the way WIN members organize our travel events


  • A gathering is in one location and lasts several days
  • A gathering is organized around specific activities and hosted by one or more WINs


  • Circuits are a series of gatherings planned by one or more members
  • Volunteers agree to host a stopover ahead of time or on arrival


  • Caravans are used to see a specific area or to get from one place to another
  • The caravan is organized and led from start to finish by one member
  • Volunteers may host stops along the way

Sundowner Caravan

  • Sundowner Caravans explore new areas
  • There is a starting point and a destination
  • Stops are decided in advance or along the way by the group
  • A volunteer hosts each stop
  • A Contact Person is responsible for informing WIN members about upcoming locations through the WIN News Alert

Guide to Events Info drop down menu

The All Events button displays all gatherings (no matter what circuit they are a part of) in ascending date order.

The Circuits button on the Events Info drop down menu will display all the circuits that are planned and on-going.

The Individual Gatherings button displays any gatherings that are not part of a circuit.

Dates listed for gatherings include arrival and departure dates.