East Coast 2021 | WIN RV Singles Travel Club

April 13, 2021 to August 8, 2021

Circuit: Past Events

Activity Ideas

This circuit will begin in Savannah, GA, the most southern location and will proceed north to Bangor, ME. Gatherings include the Outer Banks, Assateague, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, the Atlantic Boardwalk, NYC, and Acadia National Park with many others along the way. Activities may include biking, hiking, kayaking and siteseeing. The number of participants will need to be limited due to the number of sites available at most of the stops that are Moose or Elk Lodges, suggested 10 to 12 participants. Please note that several Federal campgrounds are included, and they all now require reservations to be made through Recreation.gov.
Circuit leader: Jennel Jones, 817-455-4911 jenelljones15@gmail.com
Space is very limited. Contact (email) Jenell if you plan on attending/staying at any of the Elk or Moose lodges. The lodges have already been contacted for reservations.