Dance Rally Information

You’re invited to the WIN’s All Singles Dance Rally

OCTOBER 28 to NOVEMBER 5, 2019

Membership in WIN is not required and all Singles are welcome.

The Dance Rally includes

*Beginner and intermediate dance lessons

*Evening dances

*Social hours

*Optional excursions in the area – hiking, biking, 4-wheeling, ATVing, sightseeing, and more

*All the activities available at the Fountain of Youth Spa and Resort


Non WIN members additional $3.00 for Club Express credit card service charge.

Late comers may register at the door for $45.00 cash or check only.


Be sure to call for a reservation and say you are with the WIN Dance Rally to get your discount campsite and be parked with the group.

CALL THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH (FOY) for campsite reservation:  888-800-0772

DO NOT use the FOY website to make your camping reservation. NO CAMPSITE DISCOUNT if you register using FOY website, you must call.

ATTENTION!!:  If you book and pay Fountain of Youth (FOY) for express check-in on or before  September 27th you will receive an ADDITIONAL 10% DISCOUNT on your campsite.

FOY will allow us to arrive 5 days before the dance rally starts and stay until 5 days after it ends.  The discounted camp fee will be the same for those days.

FOY FIRST TIME CAMPER FEE:  $12.95 Full hookup $9.95  Dry camp.

FOY RETURN CAMPER FEE:  $17.00 Dry camp. $24.00 Full hookup.

NOTE: You must be camping at Fountain of Youth to attend the Dance Rally.

NOTE: You must be registered with WIN Dance Rally to get the camping discount prices.

NOTE:  FOY will allow us to arrive five days before and stay five days after the Dance Rally.

Discount camping prices start October 23rd and end on  November 9th, departure day is the 10th.

The actual Dance Rally dates start on October 28th and end November 5th.     Departure day is the 5th, unless you want to stay the extra five days for the same discounted price.

Be sure to arrive early enough on, October 28, to register between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm and to attend the Orientation.

October 29 is the start of all the Dance Rally activities: dance lessons, evening dances, and social hours.

FOY is having a Halloween Dance on October 31. Costumes are optional, but it’s a lot more fun if you have one.

November 2 is the “Dress Up Night” Dance.  Some people have fancy dress, others are more casual.  What ever works for you.

We may have a potluck dinner one night, so if you want to participate, bring the makings for your favorite dish.

Cancellation fee $10.00.  

To cancel call Karen Minard 661-301-7253


1500 Spa Road  

Niland, CA


GPS: 33.397959, -115.662632