BRYCE, UT | WIN RV Singles Travel Club

May 11, 2023 to May 22, 2023
Activity Ideas

Hiking, Biking, 4 wheeling. Leave your car in the public parking area across from Ruby s Inn and ride the free shuttle into the park. They stop at a number of locations about every hour or so; so you can get off and hike a trail and then get back on the shuttle and go to another location. The Rainbow bus may be running. Will need to be verified. There are too many hiking opportunities to list, as well as a 6.2 mile shared use trail, that accommodates bicycles, pedestrians, dogs, etc. There are also a number of hiking trails in the nearby and beautiful Red Canyon. Four wheeling opportunities abound in this area, as well as scenic drives. Go horseback riding. Have a Potluck/burn your own. We have our patio area for these events and meetings that belongs only to our group.

Parking Location

Rubys Inn Campground, Highway 63, Bryce, Utah 84764 laundry, dump, water, restroom, showers, outdoor and indoor heated pools. $10 a night dry camping per person. 300 Main Street. $120 for all 12 days. All fees must be collected by a WIN (Circuit Leader/host) and paid in advance. Any questions are to go to the circuit leader or Maynard. You may not come in early or stay late with the exception of the circuit leader and the hosts may come in a day early. There are no short stays, every person has to pay for the whole 12 days.

Directions and Other Information

89 north, right turn onto Utah-12, Right turn Utah-63, turn right FR 3655 Look for WIN Signs, Group area 9

GPS Coordinates

N37.6684,W112.1585Click on link to see Google Map