» Border Crossing, Abbottsford, BC

September 3, 2019

None needed

Activity Ideas

This is the border crossing only and should not require an overnight stay.

Parking Location

See Directions & Other Information

Directions and Other Information

Parking Location (if needed)
Target (out of business), parking lot, overnights are OK, maybe longer, trucks also use. South on PH-11 from TCH-1, TR at light at Barron’s Way, then Left past Pet Smart (Mall), TR into parking area. Tim Horton’s is on the left. Not noisy, well lit. Everything in Abbotsford is within 15 minutes.

Cole Rd Recreation Area. Overnight Okay. Dump. East of Abbotsford on TC-1, ~2 km E of Whatcom Rd, EB side. Unshaded.

GPS Coordinates
49.02539 -122.26743 (Target)
49.05581N 122.17881W (Cole Road RA)

GPS Coordinates

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