» Bellingham, WA

September 4, 2019

Jane Mailloux (503) 703-1946

Activity Ideas

This is the end of the North to Alaska 2019 circuit. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves on this circuit. Please direct any comments regarding the circuit to Lu Anne Frost, frostbites57@hotmail.com.

Hiking and kayaking in Larrabee State Park, hiking in gardens and along streams in Whatcom Falls Park or kayak in Lake Whatcom, visit Lummi Island – a rural island with an old-fashioned vibe, hiking in the Chuckanut Mountains, beach access at Boulevard Park.

Parking Location

Elks Lodge #194 Campground, 710 Samish Way, Bellingham, WA 98229-2904, (360) 733-3333 or 3334

Directions and Other Information

No hookups at the Elks Lodge, but they allow dry RV parking in parking lots.

GPS Coordinates

48.727357, -122.471915Click on link to see Google Map