» Apple Valley, CA

October 23, 2019

No hosts are necessary for this location.

Activity Ideas

Visit the local museums, and stock up on groceries before heading to Niland for the WINS Dance Rally. This is the last stop on the West/Northwest Circuit. We hope you have enjoyed your time on this circuit. Please address any comments or questions regarding this circuit to Lu Anne Frost (928) 205-0006, frostbites57@hotmail.com. See you at the Dance Rally.Apple Valley Moose Lodge or Victorville Elks Lodge, or the Adelante City Park Campground; and there is also parking on the dirt road next to the Moose Lodge.

Parking Location

Apple Valley Moose Lodge or Victorville Elks Lodge (see directions & other information for GPS coordinates)

Directions and Other Information

Apple Valley Moose Lodge: 34.499372, -117.184380
Victorville Elks Lodge: 34.506670, -117.296022

GPS Coordinates

See Directions & Other InformationClick on link to see Google Map