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Whether it’s climbing to the highest peaks, squeezing through slot canyons, strolling through forests, walking beaches and lake shores, scrambling over rocks, or just enjoying the views, the WINs love to hike. And we’ve bicycled in all parts of the country – Maine, Florida, California, Washington, Ontario, British Columbia, and more.


The WINs are known for kayaking – lakes, rivers, streams, oceans, locks, all over the United States, Canada, and Mexico. There’s no limit except our imaginations as to where we would go kayaking.

RV Camping

We work at finding inexpensive or free places that are in scenic areas or that are close to attractions we want to visit. This leaves us more money to spend on attractions, eating out, and fuel. We camp in the mountains, by rivers and lakes, in the desert, by the ocean, and in cities.


It’s not just about camping, it’s about seeing America, all of it. This is what we do. We’ve been to museums and monuments in Washington, D.C.; watched the sunset in Key West; gone to festivals and parades all over the country; watched Broadway plays; experienced Mardi Gras in New Orleans; seen the giant Sequoias, Niagara Falls, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, the national parks and nature at its best. We’ve been to places that other people have only dreamed of going to.

Wild And Crazy Things We Do

Sometimes we do crazy things. After all, this is our second childhood. If it’s fun we do it.