2023 Northwest Adventure | WIN RV Singles Travel Club

May 8, 2023 to September 6, 2023
Activity Ideas


This exciting circuit will start in Bryce Canyon, Utah, at Ruby’s Inn, and travel up through Utah. Then we work our way through Idaho and Wyoming, across to Oregon/Washington and down the West Coast. Some places may have limited parking, and you may need to be an Elk and a Moose and, of course, some places will need reservations. It is strongly recommended that you are an Elk prior to this circuit. Moose can be easily joined when we are parking at a Moose. Many of the Elks and Moose today are only open to members and will not let us sign anyone in to park there.
As with our other adventures, everyone will need to participate, whether you are hosting a stop, collecting money, acting as a parking director, leading a hike, bike ride or kayak trip, everyone will be helping out. Let the Adventures begin.
We need one or two circuit leaders for this circuit. They both will receive a free membership after they complete the circuit.

If there is no circuit leader, this circuit will be cancelled.

If you are interested in leading this circuit, please contact Maynard Magee, 303-522-7661, winrvsingles@gmail.com

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