2022 Mexico Circuit | WIN RV Singles Travel Club

March 7, 2022 to March 10, 2022

Circuit: 2022 Mexico Circuit

Activity Ideas

Once again, the WINs will visit Concha del Mar Campground in Puerto Penasco, Mexico. Time to relax and enjoy seaside fun and views. And if you want to stay busy, there are lots of

You will need:
1. Passport
2. Current rabies vaccination certificate for pets.
3.You will need to purchase minimum liability Insurance. We have found the best rates from www.portugalinsurance.com.mx, 602-445-6182 (US Line) This company provides the best rates for insurance in Mexico. Please arrange your insurance before entering Mexico.
4. Tourist Card (FMM) Forma Migratoria Multiple which you can get on line and print out, or as you cross the border. Highly recommend you take care of this prior to going to Mexico. There are services that will do this for you but cost a lot more. This is required if staying more than 7 days.
5. Vehicle Registration
6. You must be a WIN member to get the special rate at Concha del Mar.