2022 Eastern Seaboard | WIN RV Singles Travel Club

March 22, 2022 to August 2, 2022
Activity Ideas

This circuit will run as a Sun Downer, which means it has a starting place and a destination. Stops are decided in advance or along the way. A volunteer hosts each stop and the circuit leader is responsible for informing WIN members about upcoming locations. If you are interested in joining this circuit, please contact the circuit leader, Pat Schumacher, 503-660-5945, patshum@yahoo.com, before heading out in order to verify where they are parking and if there is room. You will also need to be an Elk and a Moose as many of the parking locations are for members only.
This circuit will begin in Savannah, Ga. the most southern location and will proceed north to Bangor, Maine. Gatherings include the Outer Banks, Assateague, Washington DC, Philadelphia, the Atlantic Boardwalk, NYC, and Acadia National Park with many others along the way.
The Circuit Leader is Pat Schumacher and all questions should be directed to him at 503-660-5945, patschum@yahoo.com, prior to making reservations or joining the circuit to ensure there is room and to verify where they are parking. Since this is a Sundowner Circuit, places may change often. The group with the Circuit leader will be determining that as they proceed.

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