» Rail-Trail Circuit 2019

April 11, 2019

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Activity Ideas

The focus of this circuit will be to ride our bikes as much as possible on trails dedicated as multi-use trails. For the most part, these trails are a conversion of a railway track no longer used for trains and therefor are relatively flat. Several of the trails have made it to the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy Hall of Fame. The circuit does include some greenways and other non-rail trails, which could add some difficulty with grades. Mileage will range from 20 to 60 miles a day, so start those wheels rolling!! We will begin in OH on the Little Miami Scenic Trail, then head west to pick up the Katy Trail across MO. In IA, we bike the Wabash Trace Nature Trail and then onto the Mickelson Trail in SD. Our time in SD will align with the Spring Volksmarch at Crazy Horse, so we will park our bikes and hike those 2 days. The circuit will continue through Wyoming to see Devils Tower and then through Montana for those who want to catch up with the West/Northwest Summer Circuit in Missoula, MT. We will continue to bike as opportunities to do so exist.

Arlene Teague, (arlene.teague@gmail.com 828-443-0279) will coordinate the circuit and will host the first location. Please contact Arlene directly if you wish to join this circuit. You will be expected to host. Please pay special attention to the parking locations and make reservations where they are recommended after contacting the coordinator first.